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Give Kids A Smile

What is Give Kids A Smile®?

Give Kids A Smile® is a program sponsored by the ADA. The goal of the program is to enhance the oral health of children in need. Each year on the first Friday in February, thousands of dental teams around the nation provide free oral health care services and education to children from low-income families. In 2008, the ADA expanded the program to include more than one day. 

Connecticut dentists are participating in the program, as well, doing their part to assist children in maintaining a healthy smile. Many Connecticut dental teams participate in the program not just on this day, but provide free dental services to children of low-income families throughout the year. 

The Connecticut State Dental Association has been a resource for dental teams participating in Give Kids A Smile by providing assistance in planning new programs or expanding an existing program. Funds to help support these programs are raised by the Connecticut Foundation for Dental OutreachClick here  if you would like to make a monetary donation to the program.

The CSDA participants provided $314,711 in free dental care and oral health education to 895 Connecticut children through the
Give Kids a Smile program in 2015.

Children’s Oral Health Resources:
Visit the ADA for Healthy Habits; Dental Concerns; Dental Fact or Fiction and Nutrition information. 

Resources for Dentists:

Click Here to Register Your Give Kids a Smile Event!
For Inclusion on the Charitable Dental Outreach Calendar.

Submit a GKAS Program Report 
We ask that all programs report their charitable efforts to us so that we can accurately report the good that our dentists are performing. Please take a second to fill out the Summary and Treatment Reports, below, and send them

GKAS Summary Report (click here)
This summary report is an Excel based document. Fill in the number of procedures in Column A and press enter. The total amount of each procedure will automatically calculate and the cursor will move down to the next line. Continue to enter the number of procedures until you have entered all the treatments you have provided. The grand total will automatically calculate. Once the form is complete, save the document and e-mail your completed Summary Report to

GKAS Treatment Report (click here)
The GKAS Treatment form was designed for your convenience. This form gives the codes that are being used for data collection in our state. If your office provides a treatment to a patient that is not on the list, please write it in the notes area of the form. Use one form for each patient. This form is for your records only. 

GKAS Expansion Support Application (The grant application process is closed)
The CSDA/GKAS Expansion Support Grant will provide funding on a limited basis to expand your GKAS program or begin a new program. Requests for funding may include, but are not limited to funding for costs of patient care, publicity, transportation of patients to event, and volunteer support. In recognition of the 70th anniversary of community water fluoridation in the United States, the CSDA is particularly interested in funding new or established programs that will incorporate innovative ways to increase oral health education especially about the health benefits of fluoride and community water fluoridation among all children and their families and expand access to oral health within underserved populations.

ADA GKAS Resources for Dentists:

Sign Up/Register your GKAS Event with the ADA  
ADA GKAS Program Planning Toolbox

The GKAS Program Planning Toolbox is an excellent resource for veterans, individual dentists or those who are new to the program. The toolbox can assist you in preparing for GKAS day. The guide includes a step-by-step timetable on how to plan an event, how to promote your event to the media and what legal issues may arise.

Media Advisory Template
ADA GKAS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you to our 2016 Give Kids a Smile Donors
for making this program possible!


Dr. David R Stebbins


Dr. Valerie Alessandro
Dr. Maryam Azadpur
Dr. Douglas S Callis
Dr. Judith L Cordero
Dr. Judith C Fales
Dr. Salvatore J Florio
Dr. Ronnie Guidice
Dr. Michael Lazarus
Dr. Raymond Rinaldi
Dr. Helene S Strazza
Dr. James Watts


Dr. Ralph J Bozza
Dr. Tris J Carta
Dr. Betsy Crosswell
Dr. Frank Dalena
Dr. Kirk F Engel
Dr. Eric L Gladstein
Dr. Vasiliki Karlis
Dr. Peter Nelson
Dr. Kevin Norige
Dr. Edward P Raccio
Dr. Patricia Richard
Dr. Richard T Risinger
Dr. Douglas A Rollins
Dr. David A Romeo
Dr. Monica A Teredesai
Dr. Howard R Tunick


Dr. Judd B Fink
Dr. Daria M Friel
Dr. William MacDonnell
Dr. Stephen M Molinaro
Dr. Perry M Opin
Dr. David Mark Primo
Dr. Jeffrey Rosow
Dr. Chester Sokolowski
Dr. Brian L Zeiner

Congratulations to the following Give Kids a Smile
Expansion Grant Award Recipients for 2016!

Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center
Hartford Public Schools Dental Program
Staywell Health Center
United Community & Family Services