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Peer Review

Even in the best dentist-patient relationships, a problem may occur. If unsatisfied with dental treatment a patient should make every effort to speak with their dentist to resolve the problem. If speaking with the dentist does not resolve the issue, the CSDA has established a dispute resolution system called Peer Review.

What is Peer Review?

The Peer Review system has been designed to assist individuals who have not been able to resolve matters on their own. Our procedures provide patients and dentists with a fair and impartial review of their disputes. Committees are made up of respected dentists in the local committee who have agreed to volunteer their time and expertise to help resolve these disputes. The Chair of a local peer review committee reviews the request and appoints a facilitator to the case. The dentist is notified that a peer review request has been filed and is asked if they will agree to work with us to resolve the dispute. If the dentist agrees to participate, the facilitator will review the case and discuss the matter with both parties. If appropriate the facilitator will also discuss potential options for resolving the dispute. They may exchange several proposals between parties before an agreement is reached. It must be understood, however, that participation in this process is strictly voluntary. We are unable to impose a solution on the patient or the dentist.

Utilizing the Peer Review Process

If you are interested in utilizing the Peer Review process, please download the Patient Request for Mediation and the Authorization for Release of Dental Information forms below. Please read the instructions carefully on the forms as failure to comply will result in invalidation of the request. Once your forms are received and reviewed for compliance they will be forwarded to a facilitator who will contact you within twenty (20) days to discuss the request and help resolve the issue.

Should you have any questions please contact the CSDA at 860.378.1800 or