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Classified Ad Form

Online Dental Classifieds: Ad will appear online within two business days. The ad will run for 2 consecutive months on and it will automatically expire after 2 months unless renewedCSDA members are eligible for six FREE Dental Classified ads per year (50 word limit). Ads over 50 words will be charged $1 for each additional word. After six ads are placed, members will be charged the same rate as non-members. For non-members, each ad costs a flat fee of $60 for the first 50 words or less, and $1 for each additional word. 

If at any point during the 2 month run of the ad, the advertiser wants to move the ad to the top of the classified page they will have to pay for the ad in its entirety, forfeiting any remaining time on the 2 month run and only receiving the new ad purchased time. As a member benefit, CSDA Members can request to have their ad moved up once during the two month run time at no additional fee.

**If you are placing an ad, which includes photos, those photos must be supplied as one PDF file. Multiple files and files that are not PDFs will not be accepted. That file may be emailed to us along with your application. 

**If you prefer to use the word document form, click here

Type of Ad Submission: (Check the appropriate box.)


CSDA Member?

CSDA members receive 6 classified ads with a 50 word limit FREE each calendar year. 
Please call the Karen Wright at (860) 378-1800 with your credit card payment.  

* Payment must be made in full for all classified ads. If advertising/payment deadlines fall on a holiday or weekend, deadlines will be extended to the next business day. All credit card transactions are processed in U.S. dollars. Once ad is placed, refunds will not be issued. The CSDA reserves the right to accept or withdraw an ad at its discretion. The CSDA will hold all advertisers liable for all payments under this contract. 

 The Dental Classified Service neither investigates applicants or offers being made nor assumes any responsibility for omissions, prior sale, change of conditions, position being filled or practice being sold without notice, and to any special conditions imposed by users. The Dental Placement Service reserves the right to edit, copy, and to accept, delete, or withdraw ads at its discretion.