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Connecticut State Dental Association Elevates Connection Between Oral Health and Diabetes During World Health Day

World Health Day 2016 is April 7 and this year’s theme is “Beating Diabetes.”

World Health Day 2016 is April 7 and this year’s theme is “Beating Diabetes.” The Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) would like to take this opportunity to remind residents about the importance of maintaining proper oral care, as it relates to diabetes. Oral health is a key component to preserving overall physical health and managing serious illnesses, such as diabetes.

“Individuals who neglect their dental health are more vulnerable to a wide variety of illnesses,” stated Dr. William Nash, President of the CSDA. “World Health Day is a great opportunity for us to remind Connecticut residents how important it is to stay vigilant about their dental hygiene, as it may help prevent serious illnesses and properly manage pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes.”

Attention to dental care is particularly important for individuals who have diabetes. Inflammation of the gum tissue and periodontal disease that result from a lack of teeth cleaning can make it harder to control blood sugar and increase the severity of diabetic symptoms. People with diabetes are also more susceptible to periodontal disease, making proper dental care even more important for those with this disease.

The World Health Day 2016 campaign strives to raise awareness of the increasing number of individuals around the world suffering from diabetes and the burden this disease places on societies, especially in low to middle income countries. The 2016 campaign also aims to set a list of affordable, achievable ways to stop the rising number of diabetes diagnosis and treat pre-existing cases. 

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