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Connecticut State Dental Association

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Connecticut Dentists Wish Residents A Happy & Healthy Holiday Season.

Encourages residents to consume healthy foods and refrain from those on the dental “naughty” list

The Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) encourages Connecticut residents to consume healthy foods this holiday season and beware of those foods on the dental “naughty” list. 

“We wish residents the happiest and healthiest of holidays,” said Dr. Michael Ungerleider, CSDA President. “Part of a healthy holiday is remembering moderation in the food you consume. Festive holiday foods are appealing, but it’s important to remember that the richer the food, the more harmful it is for your teeth and gums. Sugary and sticky foods, and acidic and alcoholic drinks can do the most damage – consider those to be on the naughty list.”

Foods that contain sugars of any kind can contribute to tooth decay According to the American Dental Association, “and those foods are always around during the holidays,” noted Dr. Ungerleider. 

Candy canes, eggnog, fruit cake and hot chocolate are some of the worst culprits. Candy canes are full of sugar and can cause chipped or broken teeth. Eggnog is also packed with sugar. Those delicious pies and cakes can cause tooth decay, as can rich hot chocolate. 

According to the American Dietetic Association, nutrition is an integral part of oral health, as diet affects the development and overall health of the oral cavity.

Dr. Ungerleider encourages people to use moderation when consuming such foods and drinks, “everyone likes to indulge around the holidays, but your teeth will thank you if you try to limit your consumption of certain food and drinks. Or better yet, try some healthy holiday snacks,” added Dr. Ungerleider. “I’ve seen some creative – and delicious – ideas ranging from colorfully arranged veggie platters to little Santa hats made of strawberries. Healthy food can make fun snacks with online resources, it is now easier than ever to find healthy recipe alternatives.”

The bottom line is, be mindful of what you’re eating and keep up with your oral health by brushing and flossing daily. Doing that, in combination with regular dental check-ups, is critical to maintaining a healthy oral and overall health.

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