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Send Kids Back to School with a Healthy Smile

Connecticut dentists encourage parents to schedule dental check-ups as back-to-school prep

As parents prepare to send kids back–to-school, the Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) recommends scheduling a back-to-school dental appointment.

During the summer months normal routines can be ignored or forgotten. Visiting a dentist gives you an opportunity to easily get back on track with healthy habits. Encouraging good oral health habits is particularly important for children because good oral health, if you start young, can carry throughout life.

“Send children to class with the supplies they need to learn, and a healthy smile,” said CSDA President Dr. Gary Linker. “Some schools require a back to school dental exam, but even if your child’s school doesn’t, a visit to your dental office for a check-up is always a good idea.”

“If you’re thinking about visiting the dentist around this time, chances are other parents are, too. Schedule an appointment as soon as you can to ensure your child can visit your dentist before school starts, and doesn’t need to miss class for an appointment,” said Dr. Linker. 

“Regular dental check-ups are an important part of maintaining oral health,” continued Dr. Linker. “Most dentists recommend children visit the dentist every six months.”

Another way to help children maintain good oral health for schools is packing healthy meals and snacks. “Sugary foods and drinks aren’t good for children’s teeth,” said Dr. Linker. Eating healthy is an important part of maintaining oral health, especially when considering that more than 40% of children under the age of 11 have cavities.

After you’ve scheduled your kid’s back to school dental check-up, make sure you understand your child’s oral health and needs. Here are some questions you can ask to stay in-the-know:

  • How is my child’s overall oral health? Is there anything to look out for?
  • Will my child get a cleaning today?
  • Does he/she need an x-ray?
  • Does my child have any cavities?
  • What about sealants?
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