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Your Teeth Will Thank You for a Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

CT dentists offer best foods for healthy teeth on Thanksgiving

The Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) reminds Connecticut residents to watch out for unhealthy foods on Thanksgiving.  

“The foods you eat play an important role during the holidays and for your oral health,” said Dr. Gary Linker, CSDA President. “With so many decadent foods around during Thanksgiving, it can be easy to forget. As dentists, we are here to remind you, just because something looks and smells great, doesn’t mean it’s good for your health, especially your teeth and gums.”

“Eating healthy shouldn’t spoil your Thanksgiving,” added Dr. Linker. “Moderation is the key with rich foods. Sweets can be enjoyed on Thanksgiving, but should not be the focus of your meal.”

“Watch out for sugary foods like candied yams and pecan pie,” said Dr. Linker. “Instead, look for dishes like lean meats, vegetables and whole grains, which contain healthy nutrients and minerals.”

While vegetables, like green beans, and fruits, like pumpkins and cranberries, are naturally healthy, their holiday preparation makes them less so, adding toppings like sugars and fats.

“During and after your meal, make sure you’re drinking water, as it will help remove food from your teeth, and generate saliva, which does the same. Brushing and flossing after you eat will also help remove any sticky sweets that lingered from the meal,” added Dr. Linker.

“It is always important to keep track of the foods you eat. It is easy to over indulge during holidays like Thanksgiving,” said Dr. Linker. “By watching what you eat, your mouth and body will thank you for cooking a little healthier and paying attention to what you consume.”

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