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As Halloween Nears, Connecticut Dentists are Here to Ease Your Fears

Talking dolls, creepy old houses, paintings with eyes that follow you – Halloween is the season to enjoy being scared. However, there is an equally frightening and all too real danger this time of year – the copious amounts of candy made available to children, and the lingering consequences of excessive sugar on their oral health. Fortunately, the Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) is here to help safeguard your family’s dental health during this candy-filled holiday.

“Halloween has become synonymous with excessive amounts of sweets. In addition to overall health issues, this increased intake of candy can cause serious, long-term dental issues, especially for youngsters,” explained Dr. David Fried, CSDA President. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to help reduce your child’s candy consumption and help their dental health.

One tip is to swap the candy for something that motivates your kid. If your child is a sports fan, it could be as something as simple as baseball cards. For the more entrepreneurial children, parents could provide a nickel for every few pieces of candy collected. Simple changes like this shift the focus of children from candy, to something more long-lasting and beneficial.

These changes, while simple, could provide serious advantages to children’s dental health. “Limiting the amount of candy your children eat during this time is a great preventative measure and will help promote healthy eating habits in the future,” said Dr. Fried. Deciding what your children want instead of candy could also become a new Halloween tradition for the whole family to enjoy.

Finally, the CSDA reminds you to visit your dentist regularly, and to brush and floss daily to keep the real boogieman, tooth decay, away.

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