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CT Dentists: Keep Your Teeth Clan in 2019

The start of the New Year is a time for self-reflection and setting new goals, many of which are related to health and wellness – as illustrated by the surge in gym memberships this time of year. While it’s great to have aspirations around physical fitness, it’s equally important to spend time working towards improved dental health. The Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) would like to provide some tips to help make 2019 a banner year for Connecticut residents and their smiles.

“There are plenty of ways to get a healthier, brighter smile. All of which can be incorporated into your New Year’s resolution,” explains Dr. David Fried, CSDA President. “One of the easiest areas to improve is brushing more frequently. Make sure to brush twice a day for two minutes, each day. It sounds simple enough, but it’s very important to stick to that habit,” continued Dr. Fried.

Another major step towards a healthier smile for 2019 is reducing sugar intake. “A long-term adjustment in diet may be a bit more of an undertaking, as it’s a more significant change. However, the benefits will be pretty clear and immediate,” explained Dr. Fried. “After the holidays, you may already be feeling the need to step away from sugar and treats for a bit, which makes New Year’s a great time to start this change. 

Resolutions can be tricky to stick to without support, so feel free to enlist friends and family for added help. Additionally, the CSDA would like to remind Connecticut residents that routine trips to the dentist remain a key aspect of bringing a brighter smile and better you into the New Year.

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