Uche Odiatu - October 2020

October 7, 2020
Presenter: Uche Odiatu, DMD

50 Shades of Inflammation: The Mind-Body-Mouth Connection

Don't miss this food festival. After this party is over you’ll no longer look at food as simply “fuel.” There is no innocent food. Researchers have found irrefutable scientific evidence macronutrients & micronutrients modulate inflammation in the body. What your patients consume either boosts inflammation or turns it down. Consuming a variety of healthy food lowers inflammation, slows age related dysfunction, supports a healthy metabolism & boosts oral health. Our diets are the linchpin of the repair/regeneration cycle. This inspiring session will support your patients' health journey & also get your entire office on the same oral systemic page.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn 10 new eating strategies to douse the flames of inflammation in the mouth & body.

  • Understand intermittent fasting, probiotics, the secret of extra virgin oil, “why organic?” & the power of antioxidant.

  • Learn why NEW findings about your patients’ gut flora are shaking the very foundation of health care & nutrition.

  • Learn motivational interview techniques to inspire long-term positive change in your patients’ health habits.

  • Expand your new patient exam with important lifestyle questions to engage your patients and to support successful treatment outcomes.

2 CEU Provided

About the Speaker: 
Uche Odiatu, DMD is an NSCA certified trainer, Certified Boot Camp Instructor and the co-author of two books: The Miracle of Health ©2009 and Fit for the LOVE of It! ©2002, & a professional member of the America College of Sports Medicine. This practicing dentist has inspired audiences at the largest dental conferences in the world & for Fortune 500 Companies. He has been the invited guest on over 350 radio and TV shows including ABC 20/20 and Canada AM and has given over 400 lectures across North America, Europe and the Caribbean for the past 15 years.

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