Practice Management Resources

Interim Guidance on the Length of Quarantine for Contacts of Persons with COVID-19

(Updated 12/16/20) - The CT Department of Public Health released a memo regarding the CDC's December 2, 2020, new quarantine guidance. 

Download the DPH Memo

Department of Public Health’s Return-to-Work Guidance for Healthcare Workers and First Responders during the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Updated 11-24-2020) - This guidance applies to healthcare workers in all settings (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient offices, dental practices) and medical first responders. This document has been updated to reflect the latest CDC guidance on use of facemasks and return to work guidance for healthcare workers who have COVID-19 or have had significant exposure to someone with COVID-19.

Download the Guidance Document


Online COVID-19 Case Report Form 

ADDED OCTOBER 30 - Providers can now submit a COVID-19 case report online. This is the preferred way to submit COVID-19 case reports. 

Submit a COVID-19 Case Report

Protocols to Follow if a Staff or Household Member is COVID-19(+)

Has someone on your staff, or a member of their household, tested positive for COVID-19? This new resource — exclusive to ADA members — guides you through assessing the exposure risks, deciding when a self-quarantine is necessary, strategies for returning to work and protocols to follow in the office. 

Access the Guide 
(members only)

Steps to Take if a Patient Reports COVID-19 Exposure After Treatment

A patient that was recently treated in the practice has reported that they or a member of their household has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Click here the access the ADA document with steps on how to manage the health of any team member who may have been exposed. 

What to do if Someone on your Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19

You or someone on your staff has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Click here to download the ADA document that provides steps to help ensure the health and safety of others in the practice and to reduce the likelihood of additional transmissions.

Legislative Updates 

For a list of ALL the Executive Orders that Effect the Profession of Dentistry. Click here and view the Legislative Initiative Page

Connecticut Safe Workplace Rules for Essential Employers

The state Department of Economic and Community Development issued new rules April 7 outlining additional protective measures that every workplace in Connecticut deemed essential—and any other business or nonprofit allowed to remain open—must follow. Click here to read more


Updates from the ADA

ADA Third Party Payer Reimbursement

  • Click here to download the ADA Statement on Third Party Payer Reimbursement for Costs Associated with Increased Standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Click here to download the Statement on Third Party Payer Reimbursement for Temporary Procedures. 

Summary of ADA Guidance During the COVID-19 Crisis
Summarizes COVID-19’s impact on dentistry, emerging science on the disease, the ADA’s guidance for minimizing risk during emergency treatment, and the resources the ADA has developed for dentists. Download the summary

Renegotiating Existing Contracts
The COVID-19 pandemic may impact your obligations under existing contracts. This guide will help you when renegotiating payment terms. Download the guide

The ADA Code of Ethics and COVID-19
As a result of the pandemic, ethical principles may require different steps than dentists are used to taking. Here’s how the ADA Code of Ethics applies during these extreme circumstances. Download the guide.

Contract Obligations during COVID-19
Understand “force majeure” contractual provisions and how events related to the COVID-19 pandemic may apply to your contract obligations. Download the guide.

Guidance on Continuing to Practice Ethically during COVID-19 (UPDATED)
Download the guide.

Financial Obligations to Staff During COVID-19
Download the guide.

As a reminder, the ADA has several COVID-19 resources for dentists. They can be found on the ADA Center for Professional Success webpage.