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CE Requirements


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Determining Your Continuing Education Deadline – Sample Scenario:
Based on the State of Connecticut’s statute concerning licensed dentists, each licensee must complete a minimum of 25 hours every two years (including five 1-hour mandatory topics), commencing on the first day of license renewal. Each licensee is on a different renewal and CE cycle and it is based on date of birth. Here is a sample scenario:

Dr. D’s date of birth is 3/10/70. According to the law, he must be in compliance with CEU requirements as of his first license renewal after 10/1/07. Dr. D’s first license renewal after 10/1/07 would be the one due on 3/31/08 (the license due date is always the last day of the licensee’s month of birth). Therefore, his first two-year CEU period would end on 3/31/08. During the two years ending on 3/31/08, he would need to have completed all 25 contact hours, including the five mandatory topics (one hour each).

The next two-year CEU period would end on 3/31/10. Again, all 25 contact hours, including the five mandatory topics, would need to be completed within the two years ending on 3/31/10. After that, the cycle continues on 3/31/12, 3/31/14, etc. If the dentist in the example above had been born in October, November or December, the license renewal cycles would occur in odd numbered years (i.e., 2009, 2011, 2013, etc.) because the next renewal would have occurred in October, November or December of 2007. 

This example can be applied to any practitioner by first determining when the individual’s first license renewal after 10/1/07 would have occurred. That date is the end date of the first two-year CEU period for that practitioner.