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Oral Health Curriculum 

The Connecticut State Dental Association, along with allied oral health organizations, published a new, online Connecticut Cares Oral Health Curriculum in time for Children's Dental Health Month. 

This online curriculum can be used as a supplement to the original "Connecticut Cares" curriculum or as a stand alone resource for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms. View the modules below:


Happy Tooth, Healthy Tooth

Approximate Time: 10-15 minutes

Click Here to Access the Module


Dazzle, Sparkle and Smile

Approximate Time: 15-20 minutes

Click Here to Access the Module


Your Mouth, What’s Happening?
What’s Changing? 

Approximate Time: 15-20 minutes 

Click Here to Access the Module


A Smile to Value 

Approximate Time: 20-30 minutes

Click Here to Access the Module


Watch Your Mouth! 

Approximate Time: 20-30 minutes

Click Here to Access the Module

The Connecticut Cares About Oral Health Curriculum is an oral health education resource that can be used as part of an interdisciplinary approach to educating students about oral health and overall health. The Connecticut State Dental Association has aligned the lesson objectives with the Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework. In 2017, the CSDA revised the curriculum to include online learning modules, which can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to the original Connecticut Cares Curriculum.

These modules are a basic framework to help teachers know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. We have tried to focus on key issues and trends important to the maintenance of good oral health over a lifetime, emphasizing that most oral health problems are preventable. The modules require ten minutes for the youngest students, increasing to thirty minutes for older school students. For more information, including additional discussion questions and activities, please view the written Connecticut Cares curriculum, click here.

An Oral Health Curriculum 
Prepared by the Connecticut State Dental Association

Oral Health Curriculum Evaluation

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