Dental Day at the Capitol

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Sign-Up for Virtual Dental Day at the Capitol 2021

Please join us for our Virtual Dental Day on April 21

How the program will work:

  • Register for Dental Day at the Capitol. This will provide you with immediate access to the Dental Day at the Capitol toolkit (password protected).
  • Once you receive the toolkit you will have access to instructions on how to contact your legislators and fact sheets for our priority bills.
  • We ask that you schedule a virtual visit with your legislators on April 21!

That is it. A few simple steps and you can make a big difference. 

While this year’s “Day” is virtual, it is even more important to have us realize one of those “touchpoints” as we try to advance the important goals that you yourselves, the members of this association have told us are important. This year’s efforts are almost entirely about transparency in Insurance matters for the dentist and patient. We have successfully gotten our one key bill concerning regulation of Insurance Network Leasing, out of the Insurance Committee and we need everyone to try to push this one home.  Being able to commit some time to this virtual Dental Day at the Capitol will help us reach out and show how energized we as a group are concerning these important Insurance industry issues. 

Register Today!

PLEASE NOTE: Once you make contact your legislators, please let Kristina Diamond, CSDA Director Government Relations & Policy, know. She can be emailed at