CT Paid Leave FAQ

Your CT Paid Leave Questions Asked and Answered

At the Connecticut Paid Leave Authority, our mission is to provide Connecticut’s workforce a clear path to accessible paid family and medical leave benefits when they need them most. As the CT Paid Leave program rolls out, we understand you have questions — not only about how the program will work, but also about the importance of paid leave, and the impact the program will have on our communities. I hope to address some of the more common questions we hear from you, and I encourage you to keep asking questions, and let us know how we can help make CT Paid Leave work for you and your community.

CEO Andrea Barton Reeves Answers Your Top Five CT Paid Leave Questions

  • Why is it important to launch the CT Paid Leave program now?
  • What are your goals for CT Paid Leave as it rolls out? How do you plan to measure those goals?
  • What should employers be doing right now to prepare?
  • How can my business offer a private plan that complies with the new Paid Leave law?
  • What safeguards are in place to keep the program solvent, to prevent abuse and fraud, and to ensure Connecticut workers have access to paid leave benefits?

The Process:

  • How do I register?
  • How do I file for an exemption?

Want to know more about CT Paid Leave?

Do you have questions about the program and how it may impact you, your business, or your family? Click here to check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional information about CT Paid Leave can be found under the "Regulations & Statues" webpage under "State Regulations," "New Paid Family Leave Payroll Deduction," click here