Mentor Program - Dental Connections

Whether you are a dental student, resident or new dentist, it can be difficult to find someone to talk with about the challenges you face during the early stages of your career. Over the years many new and aspiring dentists have contacted us in search of a mentor or someone who can answer a few quick questions. So we have gathered a list of volunteers who are interested in helping ease your transition into the dental community. 

Each of these volunteers has answered a few questions that can help you learn more about their backgrounds. Please use this information to identify the dentist whose experiences may best match your own goals and interests. Then simply contact the dentist and let them know that you obtained their information through the CSDA Dental Connections’ webpage.

While we offer this service to anyone interested in practicing dentistry, we have to emphasize that the opinions expressed by these volunteers do not represent the official positions of the Connecticut State Dental Association. Instead, these dentists will share their personal opinions with you in order to encourage an open discussion of the topics of interest to you. 
  • Brian S. Duchan, DMD
  • Elie M. Ferneini, DMD
  • Ronald Linden, DDS
  • Carolyn J. Malon, DDS
  • Stephen Moran, DDS
  • Michael Sonick, DMD

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or have any questions, please contact Pam Nixon at or (860) 378-1800.