Medify Air


Medify Air designs and sells air purification and air enhancement systems to consumers, businesses and the dental community.  Thousands of dentists have entrusted Medify to provide Medical Grade True HEPA13 Air Purifiers for their operatory rooms, waiting areas and offices.

We have unique products that utilize the highest quality TRUE HEPA H13 medical-grade air filters. These filters and our affordable prices help Medify differentiate itself from competitors that use basic TRUE HEPA and HEPA type filters in their products.  This is why at Medify Air, every air purifier we design is made with Medical Grade air filters. This makes a big difference that many of the other companies don’t want to address.

Our mission is to provide better and cleaner air for our customers to help them live longer, healthier lives.  We accomplish this by removing 99.9% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns.  Our medical grade filters trap viruses/bacteria, pollen, dust, odors, smoke, chemicals, and other harmful airborne particles.

Medify Air was founded by a visionary engineer and business leaders to help relieve the crisis of indoor air pollution.

Every year, the world sees increased air pollution that results in deaths, sickness, allergies, and respiratory issues. Medify Air is dedicated to spreading awareness regarding this crisis and educating the public on the best air purification systems. 

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