Smile Success Center
Dental assistants are high in demand! Smile Success Center is offering a 12-hour pre-job training for future dental assistants. Our goal is to educate and provide you with basic knowledge of the dental field to prepare you for an exciting new career. We want you to go into a practice on your first day of work knowing exactly what to expect. You will be trained by people who have worked as dental assistants and can give sharp advice to those interested in the field. This is a great stepping-stone opportunity for anyone who is ready to join the workforce. Please be advised, this pre-job training does not count towards on-the-job training hours. It is supplemental. 

$449 - What's included?
Two 4 hour in-person training sessions
One 4 hour at-home module

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Training sessions will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm with a week between training sessions.
**If these days/times do not work with your schedule please contact Haley Feingold ( and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.**


(1) Please be advised, the training will take place on the second floor of the CSDA. We do not have elevator access.

(2) The Smile Success Center does not offer refunds for missed sessions. However, if your session date does not work, please give us 2 weeks’ notice and we will reschedule to a date that works for you.


Paths after Training
Once you have completed the training, you have two options to pursue: 

Option 1
As part of your training, we will help you to update/write your resume and it will be posted on our website for 2 months after training is complete (CSDA members will have exclusive access to your resume for the first 2 weeks). Once you begin working in an office, DAs in Connecticut are required to complete the Infection Control Competency Assessment (ICCA) within the first 15 months of employment. This is one of two competency assessments the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine has implemented. While the Infection Control Competency Assessment is mandatory, the Radiation Health and Safety Competency Assessment is not required to work as a dental assistant. However, the ability to take x-rays vastly improves your value and talent. Once the ICCA assessment is taken, you will meet the State of Connecticut requirements. 

Option 2
The other option is to enroll in a dental assisting program for further training. At this point, you can become nationally certified by DANB (Dental Assistant National Board) and earn the title of Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), which is a national certification. DANB exams are always an option, even after taking the CT assessments. 

Questions? Contact Haley Feingold at or (860) 378-1805.