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  • Prime Office Building for Rent


    Description: Email for inquiries.

    Contact: dsheehan@reardonlaw.com

  • Tired of Going it Alone?


    Description: Do countless non-dental details take time away from treating patients? If you experience this then it might make sense to partner with Bedi Dental Group. Under our model, you’ll sell a portion of your practice yet continue until you’re ready to retire. Not only will this diversify your portfolio and reduce your risk exposure, but you’ll receive distributions until you sell your remaining ownership. We’ll manage the administration so you can focus on what you do best, practice great dentistry. And by employing our unique model of dentistry you may even see your production increase, along with your income. If this is appealing we invite you to view our video at http://bedidentalgroup.com/acquisitions/. In it you’ll hear the experiences of doctors who joined the Bedi Dental family.

    Contact: Rod Watkins | 603-562-6138 | transitions@bedidentalgroup.com

  • Are concerned about the future of your practice?


    Are you unsure of your ability to continue to manage your practice? Are you worried about the value of your practice? Are you tired of managing all the business aspects of your practice? Are you debating selling your practice? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, we can help. We are a group of dental practice specialists, having built start-up practices, purchased practices, built dental groups, sold groups. Today we assist dental practice owners get complete control over their practices using industry leading tools that provide a clear and accurate picture of each department in your practice so you can be proactive in your decision making. We can manage your entire practice for you, or one or a few aspect/s of it. We can partner with you if that's a more comforting solution. We’re here to help dentists run a profitable practice while growing their teams and providing the best care and experience to their patients.

    Contact: 413-259-4617 | vin@maevaadvisory.com