I'm a CSDA Member. Now what?

The Power of Three

Your tripartite membership provides you with a network of three organizations that deliver services at the national, state and local level.

  1. The American Dental Association focuses on the national issues impacting your profession while also sharing information from across the country.
  2. The CSDA provides the services you need to maintain your dental license, comply with state regulations and develop the skills to succeed in your practice.
  3. Our local component societies help you connect with your colleagues, share ideas and keep up with the events impacting your community.
Power of Three

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Helping You Stay Current  

  • The Journal of the American Dental Association and The Communicator keep you updated on the latest clinical research. 
  • Our publications, websites and e-newsletters provide you with timely updates on the news impacting your profession.
  • The ADA Professional Product Review includes extensive survey data, product category overviews and practitioner feedback on a wide range of dental equipment and materials.

A Connection to Your Community

Our local component society meetings are an opportunity for you to meet your colleagues and establish relationships that will last a lifetime.

Our Mentor Program (Dental Connections) webpage will help you find a mentor who can guide you during the early stages of your professional career.

The Women’s Dental Leadership Forum, New Dentist Happy Hour and other outreach events give you a chance to share your experiences with your colleagues.

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Continuing Education

We provide a wide-range of courses that will help you develop the skills you need at all stages of your professional career.

We recruit world-class speakers for our CE Series, so you can have access to high quality educational content at a reasonable price.

Our online courses deliver the mandatory continuing education requirements you need to renew your license at a time that is convenient for you.

Advocating on Your Behalf

We educate legislators from both parties about the impact their legislative actions will have on your practice and the patients you serve.

Our Legislative Nights and Dental Day at the Capitol events provide you with an opportunity to meet with your elected officials to discuss your concerns.

We help you understand the state regulations that govern everything from drug prescriptions and Medicaid audits to the permitting requirements for your x-ray machine.

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Supporting Your Profession

The ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry provides you with the tools you need to integrate the best available scientific data into the care you deliver to your patients.

The ADA Health Policy Institute collects the dental statistics and economic data you need to manage your career and grow your practice.

Together our three organizations work together to support the entire dental profession and ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in your chosen field.