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Below is a Q&A on Patient Access to Medical Records. This report updates OLR Report 2012-R-0510, which summarizes state laws on patient access to medical records in a question and answer format. (The terms “medical records” and “health records” are used interchangeably reflecting their usage in statute.)

Updated: November 2012 (2012-R-0510) By Nicole Dube, Associate Analyst (Connecticut General Assembly. Office of Legislative Research)

Patient Access ​To Medical Records ​From ​Individual ​Health ​Care ​Providers

  • Do Patients Have Access to Their Medical Records?
  • When Can a Health Care Provider Withhold This Information?
  • Is There a Cost to Obtain Medical Records?
  • Can Laboratory Test Results be Reported Directly to a Patient?
  • Does the Law on Patient Access to Medical Records Apply to Mental Health Conditions?
  • To Which Health Care Providers Do the Above Provisions Apply?
  • Can a Patient’s Medical Records be Released to Another Provider?

Medical Records Retention By Individual Health Care Providers

  • How Long Must a Health Care Provider Keep a Patient's Medical Records?
  • What Happens When a Health Care Provider Dies or Retires?
  • What Happens When a Health Care Provider Abandons His or Her Practice?
  • What if a Patient Changes Health Care Providers?

Electronic ​Medical ​Records