Now is the time to get involved

The 2024 Legislative Session convenes February 7, 2024. However, we have a lot of work to do in order to make this session count! As dentists, we are advocates for our patients.

Being an advocate does not necessarily mean testifying at public hearings, attending every fundraiser in the state of Connecticut, or lobbying in front of the capitol. It can! And if that sounds right up your alley, let us know and we can give you as much or as little help as you'd like. If that sounds like a lot, that's okay too! Advocacy can simply involve finding your legislator, signing up for their mailing list, and when issues arise, signing petitions beneficial to small business owners and dentists. If you're interest in taking one step further, consider becoming a key contact. This is less intimidating than it sounds. It doesn't mean talking politics, but talking about what it takes to run a dental practice. We want legislators to understand our perspective when they vote on a bill.

If you have a close relationship to a legislator, please contact Kathlene Gerrity. Kathlene will ensure you are up to date on all bills important to organized dentistry.

"Often times, we bump into our Legislators at restaurants, gas pumps and our kid's schools. These relationships are invaluable, as they generate conversations.  If you do not know our political agenda, that is okay. Talk about what your problem is. Talk about insurance having an impact on your payroll.  Talk about the cost of gloves. Talk about workforce shortages. Tell them you are available to be their Dental Advisor. Remember, our agenda is patient-centric. All of our issues have to do with providing the best care to our patients and providing employees with job satisfaction."

~ Dr. David Fried, General Dentist from Wallingford

Our Priorities:

Medical Loss Ratio
Joint Contract Negotiations

Medical Loss Ratio

As little as 40% of dental patient insurance premiums go to dental care. As much as 60% goes to insurance company overhead - such as administration, marketing, and company profits. That's really out of whack!

Connecticut residents deserve better.

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Joint Contract Negotiations

Joint Contract Negotiations

Imagine a world where you could talk to your local or state dentists about contract negotiations, without incurring antitrust violations. Imagine telling an insurance company that you will take a cost-of-living allowance every year rather than a 30% decrease.  Imagine you could tell an insurance company that they must answer the phone and talk to you without a 3 hour on-hold time. That is what this is about.

Dermal-Fillers and Facial Injections

There is no reason why dentists cannot provide care for their patients; the inappropriate limitation that restrictions dentists from facial injections in Connecticut must be addressed.


Connecticut Dental Political Action Committee (CODPAC)

If any of these issues affect you, consider becoming involved with CODPAC. CODPAC represents the "Tooth Party" and supports legislators, regardless of political party, who represent dentists and the issues affecting them.