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The 2023 Legislative Session adjourns on June 7. 


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Patient Money Should be Devoted to Patient Care, Not Insurance Company Overhead

As little as 40% of dental patient insurance premiums go to dental care. As much as 60% goes to insurance company overhead - such as administration, marketing, and company profits. That's really out of whack!

Connecticut residents deserve better. 
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The legislature is considering House Bill 5813, which would change that.

Under the Federal Affordable Care Act, at least 80% of medical premiums must go to patient care. HB 5813 would establish parity in how health insurance payments are treated, for both medical insurance and dental insurance. 

It would also ensure transparency – insurance companies would be required to disclose how dental insurance premiums were spent, revealing the percentage paid for dental care and the percentage retained by the insurance company. If an insurance carrier failed to invest at least 85% of premiums to patient oral health, the difference would be refunded to the patient or their employer, whichever paid the premium.

In Massachusetts, a similar proposal last November was met with 72% of voters in agreement that this parity for their dental needs was necessary. Connecticut residents deserve the same investment by insurance companies in their health as Massachusetts residents. 

When Connecticut residents were asked their views in a public opinion survey,

  • 94% said that Connecticut should require dental insurance companies to report to the public the percentage of the premium dollars they collect that is spent on patient dental care and the percentage that goes to the insurer’s overhead.
  • 91% said they support the state imposing a limit on the percentage of the dental insurance premium that can be used for insurer’s administrative costs.

The public interest in parity and transparency couldn’t be clearer.  Now, the legislature should act.

Waiting any longer will just mean that taxpayers will pay more out-of-pocket unnecessarily, giving one more year of premium dollars to insurance companies, to spend however they wish. This could mean several hundred dollars per household going directly to support insurance companies rather than essential health care. 

Contact your legislator, and let them know dental patient dollars should be spent on patient care!

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