Updated 6/6/24

CONNIE SB 1 - Public Act No. 24-19

As outlined in the recently passed Public Act No. 24-19, healthcare providers are now further protected from liability in case of data breaches within the HIE, provided they adhere to privacy laws.

The Act mandates that all hospitals and clinical laboratories adopt electronic health record (EHR) systems capable of connecting to the HIE within one year, and other healthcare providers follow within two years. These EHR systems must meet stringent state and federal privacy and security requirements to ensure the safe handling of patient data.

Additionally, the Act requires the Office of Health Strategy to develop and implement policies and procedures for secure data exchange, including regular audits and compliance checks. This ensures that all participating providers maintain high standards of cybersecurity. 

The Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) is actively working with the CONNIE coalition to address potential cost increases, and the impact it could have on dental practices due to the implementation of CONNIE.

CSDA joins thousands of other CT healthcare providers raising concerns about CONNIE and the negative impact on small businesses in Connecticut. Read the letter here.

The CSDA recently hosted a webinar with CONNIE. You can watch the webinar below. The question and answer section starts right before the 41 minute mark. 

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If you have more questions, please refer to the CONNIE Statute before the deadline, May 3rd. CONNIE will have a table at the Charter Oak Annual Meeting in the Exhibit Hall. This is your chance to ask questions directly.