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Cost remains one of the top barriers to treatment acceptance.  To help patients move forward with recommended care, CareCredit credit card is accepted by more than two-thirds of all dentists. And now it’s even easier to let patients privately and securely learn about and apply for the CareCredit credit card – anytime, anywhere  -with the Custom Link.  Patients can use your Custom Link to apply using their smart device while in your practice or on their home computer prior to their appointment.

The Custom Link comes in several formats including a QR code to display in your practice and links, buttons and banners for digital communication, websites and social media sites.  The team no longer needs to collect sensitive information or communicate credit decisions.  And if approved, patients can immediately use CareCredit to pay for needed or wanted treatment.

Did you know:

  • CareCredit is accepted at more than 240,000 provider and health- focused retail locations nationwide
  • there are more than 12.4 million CareCredit cardholders
  • another 203,000+ new accounts are approved, on average, every month

In addition to providing a comprehensive range of financing options, CareCredit can connect dentists and teams with:

  • free information and resources that address key practice issues, from failed appointments to attracting new patients and patient retention developed from the input of dentists, dental teams and dental educators
  • a team of Practice Development Managers who can help the team maximize the value of the CareCredit relationship 

It’s easy to get connected to valuable resources.  If you accept CareCredit, contact your Practice Development Team at 800-859-9975, option 1, then 6.

Yet to add CareCredit? Call 800.300.3046 (option 5) or visit to get started.  Connecticut State Dental Association members can get started for only $30.