Fast, Simple, Secure – Encrypted Email for Dentists

It’s time to join the thousands of practices who’ve already discovered the power and simplicity of PBHS SecureMail – the easiest way to share PHI (protected health information) between patients and providers. Seamlessly transmit and store messages, documents and radiographs and help your practice avoid a costly data breach with military-grade encryption from start to reception.

Your member account is pre-certified and setup. Account initiation is as easy as entering your [insert state society name] Membership ID number, verifying your practice, and creating your first secure email.

  • Easily achieve HIPAA data privacy compliance
  • No software to install, configure or maintain
  • Works on any device
  • Multi-doctor collaboration
  • Just $10/month per office account!

“Our office saves thousands of hours a year by streamlining communications via PBHS. Not to mention all of our communications are secure. We are eliminating liability not only for our practice, but for our colleagues as well. Over half of the practices I work with interact with SecureMail on a weekly basis!” – Dr. A.A., Walnut Creek, CA

Even use the optional Outlook Plug-in to send and receive messages directly through MS Outlook on your PC. Your treatment letters and private communications delivered from your practice software to Outlook and your radiographs delivered from your digital imaging system to Outlook are all completely encrypted.

PBHS SecureMail starts at $10 per month with options to add robust case collaboration. [insert state society name] members are pre-registered. Just sign in with your ADA ID number and get started today.

To learn more, visit pbhs.com/securemail or call PBHS at (888) 840-0739  today!